Iron Sharpens Iron Conference 2011

The 2011 Iron Sharpens Iron Conference took place on Saturday, August 6th.
The following videos are the messages from the keynote speakers:

Chuck Stecker


Greg Vaughn

The Mission of Iron Sharpens Iron
The Mission of the IRON SHARPENS IRON Conference Network is to mobilize regional ministries to resource local churches with a first class one-day equipping conference that is specifically designed for men (age 13 and older).

Who We Are
The IRON SHARPENS IRON Conference Network is made up of individual ministries that are willing to act interdependently to most effectively offer local churches a first class resource for men.

2011 Keynote Speakers

Greg Vaughn, Letters from Dad
Greg Vaughn is the president of Grace Products, a leader in the production and distribution of Christian films for thirty-two years. He is also an Emmy award-winning film producer and founder of Letters from Dad, which helps men leave a legacy of faith, hope, and love to their families through the lost art of letter writing.

Chuck Stecker, A Chosen Generation
Chuck Stecker is the President and Founder of A Chosen Generation and has recently written a book for parents and leaders about Rites of Passage entitled, Men of Honor & Women of Virtue, Raising Kids to Keep the Faith. Chuck previously served in key leadership positions as an Army Lieutenant Colonel including three years on the Joint Staff in the Pentagon. After his retirement, he served with Promise Keepers for three years as a Regional Director. He is a contributing author to Effective Men’s Ministry and serves as an adjunct professor at Denver Seminary. He and his family live in Littleton, CO.